Saturday, November 21, 2009

Beautiful clothes are worth being scared?

Really. They are. Lately I've found myself watching scary and/or creepy-ish movies with the sole purpose of seeing some really gorgeous clothes...ok I do love scary movies anyways but that's not the point =p

First up was The Changeling, the true story of a woman whose son goes missing, only to have the LAPD bring her a different boy and tell her it's her son. This movie can be infuriating and if you've seen it you know why, but the ending is 90% intensely satisfying. I wasn't at all interested in the story before I watched it, I just knew I wanted to see all the cloche hats and other flapper accoutrement...but the movie was AMAZING. I was so riveted and couldn't take my eyes off of the tv.

Second one up was (drumroll please).......

The movie that will be haunting my dreams for the next 33 years (hint hint, aren't I sly.) I am seriously terrified of Esther, but getting better. I loved Esther's whole old-world look: the coats, dresses, tights, velvet ribbons even if they did hide some nasty scars. Someday I want a daughter who dresses like this, though I will be making sure she is mentally fit and actually a child first. Ya know, just to be sure.

The moral of the story kids is that you should scare yourself witless on a regular basis, because pretty clothes are worth it. Oh, and that super long break between posts? Let's just pretend that never happened. Tata for now.